Seeds best for northern climate

I’ve been getting clones for several years from various sources; however, I rarely know what strain/type they are. My harvests are usually successful but I thought I might try my hand at seeds this year and was wondering if there is anything that might be best suited for my climate - Central Ontario Canada.


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Happy growing,


Hi, many, many thanks for taking the time to assist me.

I like your selections; now I have the dilemma of choosing one, maybe more. LOL


Just about to start my 2nd grow in North of England UK. Last year successfully grew a good yield of sour Kush outdoors… started off with seeds I acquired through a friend. In March put seeds in seedling trays with regular compost and left to sprout on windowsill , 1 week later shoots appeared. I left these just watering once every 3 days to keep soil moist just a few drips of water, 3-4 weeks later shoots sprouting leaves about 5 inches tall. Of a day I would transfer tray outside for sunlight and bring back indoors once dusk time started. 5 weeks in I transferred to large pots in a greenhouse outdoors and just left them to it all summer, watering and feeding with tomato plant feed. Resulted in a nice crop averaging 2 Oz per plant. It was just for a fun experiment with nice gains at the end. Did encounter mould but cut away immediately and everything was OK. Produced a very nice smoke with minimal work.

@Thescousejester I know that tinkering and tweaking all the different factors that lead to a successful grow can be fun and increase yield, but there is something to be said for simplicity and a straightforward approach. Nice job!