Seeds Being Female?

Looking good! Can i see a top? Might be into official flower

@PurpNGold74 Start’in ta get a few fuzzy’s!


@PurpNGold74 Here ya go my man! The girls and their "fuzzzy’s!) My, my, how they grow to be teenager’s so fast! Another week closer to harvest and boy am I ready for that!!!



Nice plants there @Gilly.

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You need grow bags or airpots it’s good for the roots and allows the soil to dry out after waterings. They supposedly make the roots reach to where the air is on the sides.

@FrostyBuds Thanks my man! Can’t wait till they are done. I’m about outta smoke and I’ll be damned if I buy any! I need ta clean out for a while anyways!


Yup looking good! Sure relatively time flies… but the wait in all honesty is the hardest part ti growing ur own greens. As a self proclaimed novice (@Gremmall see. I can be humble sometimes :wink::rofl:) i think ive gotten my timing down pat to keep the party going so to say.