Seeds Being Female?

Hi guys and gals! I’m back for bit but probably not too awful long! Gotta question for all you “pro’s” out there! If a plant produces seeds, what’s the chance of them being female seeds? I found 4 bag seeds in some stuff I actually bough about a year or so ago. If I remember right it was supposed to be “Green Crack”!. Any chance those seeds would be female and grow without any concerns???



All kinds of reasons for seeds to be produced. It’s likely that they are feminized unless pollinated by a male somewhere (which I kind of doubt from commercial weed).

Grow em and see!


Yup. Without knowing how they were pollenated… u wont know til u plant them. Odds are around 50-50 i guess tho. Im with :point_up_2:t5: Guy. Drop em and find out


Grow them, bag seed can produce some amazing plants, all the plants I ever grew up until the last year (30 years growing) have been bag seed then I took the plunge and bought feminized seeds from ILGM.


Thanks guys!
Very cool! I’ve got some AK - 47 on the way and should be here shortly. (I hope) I had 1 AK - 47 seed left and didn’t wanna take the chance of planting them together and somehow ruin it because of pollination from the bag seed! I have an absolute “0” when it comes to luck! (which I really don’t believe in) You either have it or you don’t, that simple!


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It wont hurt to grow it honestly. Just whenever u flip to 12-12, keep an eye out for pollen sacs. Sexing is much easier then it sounds. They show parts weeks before pollenation is even possible

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@PurpNGold74 I’ll probably wait till spring and grow the bag seed outside. Have any of yall ever grown any “Mr. Nice Guy”?


I havent sorry. But more then happy to watch u do so

@PurpNGold74 No money ta buy seeds with! BROKE till next month! I’ve never seen any “MNG” for sale?


Bag seeds grow perfectly fine grass. Usually loads better then the smoke, simply because to get seeds = they need pollination. Keep em seed free… n itll smoke better

Just checked ur Mr Nice Guy… i was thinking of half baked :joy::joy: Sensi Seeds carries it tho. Seems SOLID! G13 is legendary around here

@PurpNGold74 Maybe you’ve heard something about this and how well it works? When I left the forum last time there was talk of running the lights on a 12 / 12 cycle from start to finish! I’ve always done the 18 / 6 thingy! Just curious as to how well this works?


12/12 from seed just means they will go right into flower as the reach sexual maturity. Fastest way to get flowers. Basically turns photos into autos… it also saves on ur light bill 6 hours.

The cons… much shorter veg time equals much shorter plants. Most may trigger to flower at around 3-6 weeks of veg. I vegged 4-5 n

will be happy with my yields. But some people like lb per plant type vegs. None of my plants are 3 ft tall from the ground. But i also wont crack 6 ozs on any. But should break a lb together


I am new at this and have a problem. What I thought were feminized Skunk X Bush seeds, are not. My plants are 11 weeks old, and I just started forcing the flowering a week ago with a 12/12 cycle. I just noticed that about half my plants are males. I don’t know if I should get them out of my indoor grow tent or if it’s too late and the damage has already been done to the females? I’m a total newbie at this venture. Please help.

Do u have photos? Regardless… if seed making and breeding isnt what ur after… id kill ALL THE MALES

Only way to feminize seeds is to force a herm… thru colloidal silver or other means… n pollenize another female. If its regular pollination then the seeds are 50-50. Id definitely chop males anyway. And post pics of the sacs. If any are ‘hanging open’… then ur probably too late

Very much appreciated! I removed the males, hopefully it’s not too late. Will post pics tomorrow. Thanks again!

No problem! Best of luck.

@PurpNGold74 I’ll probably stick to the 18/6 light cycle. Then I’ll veg for 6 weeks and then on to the flower phase! I have 1 girl that’s 4 weeks old and 2 more that should pop through the dirt today sometime! (hopefully) I’ll just let the older gal veg till the others reach 6 weeks veg and then flower all 3 at the same time. I’ve moved my operation from the basement to my spare bedroom upstairs. Waayyy too much humidity in the basement. This way I can cycle all the air that my fan pulls through the light and tent up into the attic! Hopefully this batch will turn out for me. (It better!!!)


So u plan on vegging the big girl for 10 weeks!!! O my… thatll be one BIG ASS PLANT. Might i suggest… 2-3 more weeks @18/6 then flip the lights. The 2 smaller ones wpnt immediately go into flower. They’ll keep growing til they hit sexual maturity then flip when ready. That way ull have a 6-7 week old flipping immediately. And the other two will in 3-4 weeks tops after. Around tge same schedule. But depending on ur grow area… alot safer. How big is ur tent?

Juice the males :+1::kangaroo: