Seeds arrived... what to do... what to do

Ok, so i finally decided on WW seeds, took a while to get through the rigmarole but i eventually received them. Very good stealth posting might i add. Thanks Robert! Anyhoooooo… ive dropped into a glass of room temp water, they floated at first but as times gone on they have all (6) dropped to the bottom. My question is… how long do they actually take to germinate? Am i better off using the paper towel method? its day 3 and nothing seems to be happening. (to be fair, i have been known to be a lil impatient) :roll_eyes:
The other thing is… the ‘Journal’ category on here… can i actually use it to diarise my grow start to finish and obvs also to get help and advice along the way? TIA x

This might help. I soaked seeds for 24 hrs and if they didn’t have a tail I put in a damp paper towel in a ziplock and then within 24to48 hrs there should have tails then put in grow medium. That has worked for me.

For the grow journal you can post pretty much what you want in your own journal.

So do you reckon I should do that? Might give it till tmrw and change their home x

You can try and take the seed you have soaking and put them in paper towel and see what happens.

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Thanks @Smokin_ernie… I’ll give it ago tmrw. See how they get on x

It worked. Lovely lil tails :grin: x


I actually germinate my beans exactly like @Smokin_ernie describes
Happy growing @stells


Thank you! Maybe you can answer me a question.
I have an led light can i use it for seedlings or will they stretch. It’s a full spectrum and equal to 50 watts?
I’m about to bang them in the propergator and suddenly just thought about it! :see_no_evil: x

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I use a led for germination as well
I would keep the light 12-18 inches off the cups and lower it if you see the seedlings stretching to much

Seedlings should never look lanky @stells


Ah that’s brill. I sometimes think that they dont seem bright enough. I’ve read the Lumens V Par write ups and it makes as much sense to me as German! Do you use them in your grow room as well @Countryboyjvd1971? Supposed to be much cheaper to run. Wouldn’t want to change over for fear of damaging my crop. This is the very first time I’ve started from seed. Eeeeeek… Am excited to see how they grow. X

@Countryboyjvd1971 how do i recognise a “stretch” x

Just catching up on stuff how did you make out? Any progress pics?

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Welcome back @Smokin_ernie… much progress. Though I have been taking it nice and slow tbh. Head over to my journal ( Yes journal! :joy:) @ The not so erotic memoirs of a novice grower in the Uk… Hope you are well. x


The space between the nobs if it’s long in between then it will stretch try to keep light low to the plant fam bless

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