Seeds arrived today

My white widow seeds arrived today. I ordered on the third, they were shipped on the forth. They arrived today. So it took 14 days from day of order and I’m in Kentucky. I’m only writing this to let people thinking of buying know that this site and Mr.Bergman should be trusted. I’m still kind of new here so this might not be in the correct location. If it’s not (my bad).


All good one of the mods can move it for you and welcome to ILGM @cds727
Woohoo on bean delivery :package: now you just need to get them soaking
If I can help you out just tag me
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face::v::+1:CB


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 i haven’t got all of the stuff I need to start the beans and I got enough to do two grows. What’s the best way to store them I’m in southern Kentucky and no basement. I don’t know what to do

I leave mine in the package they came in, just put them in a cool dry place that is dark and you should be good. I put them in my dresser drawer. I purchased some white widows 2 years ago and grew half of them the first year and the other half this year and all of them germinated and are going strong.


Yep, me too three thumbs up :+1::+1::+1:

Welcome to ilgm and congrats on the arrival. There are a bunch of growers here if you need any help gathering up what you need don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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Problem solved moved to the right place

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I also do the same thing leave them in the package they come in
I put mine in a tin with a small desiccant pack to keep moisture out just as a precaution?
I do leave mine in a basement
But for long term storage you can vacuum seal them and leave in a refrigerator they will keep for years that way don’t put in freezer this will most likely kill them
Thanks @Majiktoker your the best :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks everyone

Go Cats! Me too!

I was beginning to worry - and I studied what was said about how long it takes for the “Items” to arrive, 25 business days is not 25 days in a row - so I waited, wondering if I had accidentally tossed the package out when it came after confusing it with junk mail. Today it got here, with actually a few days to go.

I am pleased that everything went just as it was said that it would, and I will be ordering another “Item” in the near future! I give ILGM a 100% confidence rating based on this experience, and urge patience to anyone placing an order. It will get there - and there will be no mistaking it for a stupid advertising circular. More than that I cannot say,


Oh happy day !! Order arrived 14 days after mailing payment . Now I’M set for another grow season or two . I Love ILGM . Excellent service and customer appreciation .