Seeds arrived, now what?

Ok so my AK47 seeds arrived, 3 seeds but also in the bag are 3 larger kinda seed looking things with holes through the middle, what are these? Also for guaranteed germination, what instructions do I follow, the options in the grow bible, or are there other special instructions?

The other things are beads to keep them from getting crushed an there is a link in your email from them that tells you how to germinate to their garunttee

yes. this!

You can use any germinate method you want but they only guarantee them if you do it the way they say in the comfermation email

I didn’t get confirmation e mail, just the don’t forget to pay e mail right after I placed my orders. I never got a confirmation when ILGM recieved my cash, I were wondering if my seeds had even been sent but I was very pleased when they turned up! I send messages through “contact us”, I get ticket recieved confirmations, but never get a reply and I’m sure they are replying as I weren’t getting the confirmation e mails to sign up to the forum, and I told them this through the “contact us” and even though I didn’t get a reply, I have been allowed access without following a link from e mail! Anyway, is the germination process on here anywhere? So far it seems it is the soak in water for 24 hrs then plant in soil, is that correct, are there any specific details I should know?

Check you old e-mails, maybe check you spam box, but there should be a link somewhere in one of the reply e-mails.

But either way, you can use all the guides on our site as well, upper right corner of the screen.

And here is a link specifically about germinating:

And best to use a seedling starter soil, not a regular growing soil that might have too strong of nutrients.

happy growing,


Checked spam, checked everywhere on my laptop and iPad, the only e mails I got are the ones from Robert, and ticket recieved confirmations from queries to customer support. I have contacted customer support several times and not had a single reply. The only other e mails I recieved were the don’t forget to pays! It was frustrating, but I told customer support of the problem, and they must have confirmed my sign up to forums for me. So I’m pretty sure customer support gets my message, and reply but somehow I don’t get a reply unless it’s an automated one! But I have recieved seeds, and I’m in the forums so I should be right now, I have no idea why I don’t get the e mails!

It is in there, I’m sorry you are having a hard time finding it. There would be a link in one of those original e-mails confirming your order from Robert.