Seeds arrive , Happy Australian Customer!

Hi All,

Just a shout out to ILGM & anyone worried about Covid delivery times.
I live in Melbourne Australia, my seeds arrived in 12 days from ordering. Bravo :clap:
They already have seeds in country , I dont know more than that. But obviously the Logistics Dept. have their game on.
Great stuff ILGM.
Hot Dogs.


Blue Dream & Gold Leaf.


Yay, welcome to the forum fellow Aussie, South Aussie here.


Happy growing!!

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Happy growing!

Good deal, Good luck on your grow.

Yay! Now drop a couple in water and lets get this grow on the road! Welcome to ILGM btw

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ThAnks Lads,
Ima start a grow journal tonight, should be fun.

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You did well. I am in Melb also and I waited 7 weeks for seeds to arrive!

wtf no good at least you got them though !

Yeah, few emails back and forth. It felt like 7 years!

lol, from ILGM?

I think they got seeds in oz already or an office here somewhere

Yep! Seen a few other Aus customers that have had similar experience

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