Seeds are not germinating

I am just wondering if anybody else is having a problem with germinating their seeds. Out of 30 seeds only ate sprouted. I have been growing for more than twenty years now and I haven’t had a problem with germinating until using ilgm seeds.
Most of the seeds crack open but fail to sprout a root.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Once again I feel they’re seat a very immature

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I only had issues with ILGM seed in my first grow when I didn’t follow their recommended instructions. Even then I was 5/8. Same seeds following the instructions I went 12/12. Those were auto white widows. Since then with LA confidential, Maui Wowies, and Gold Leafs I am 16/17.

Thats an awesome percentage you are getting.
Following their germination process but still struggling to germinate

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How do you germinate?

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Germinate following their glass of distilled water and also paper towel. I have used botg methods for 20+years

I’m sorry I can’t help ya as that’s what I do and I am yet to have a seed fail from ilgm, Have you contacted ilgm for some

Yes I contacted them just to let them know and to help get some feedback from them they are wanting me to send seeds back by mail that have already turned black in water and they will replace them once I have sent them back in return


May I ask what strains where you trying to grow?

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MK Ultra Gorilla Glue power plant critical mass Blue Dream and train wreck. MK Ultra was the main one that always sprouted for us all the others struggled

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Did you get the heavy hitters mix pack ? That’s what I got gorilla glue mk ultra blue dream, I only germinated 4 seed out of the pack and all came up for me. Here’s my mk ultra


Yes I got the heavy Hitters pack. That is an awesome looking plant how old is it

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I put the seeds down mid August last year


I can honestly say that I’ve had 100%success rate on my ilgm seeds…
I would ask how warm is your environment… I know you said 20+ but that really don’t mean $hit…
I’ve been at this for a long time myself and still learn new things every other day…
Granted my ilgm seeds seemed kinda small… I’ve still had 100 % success rate with there strains…
And super potaint with nice yields… :wink:
I’ll be buying more girls pretty soon … I let you know how that goes… :wink:


First time using seeds from the Netherlands I followed the instructions 100% Germination rate is 20%

Welcome to ILGM, @ladylikecc. Can you describe the process you used? I personally soak them in a shot glass of just plain tap water with a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide (to kill any bad guys in the water, and help soften the hull), until they sink or 24 hours, whichever comes first. Then I put them directly into the medium or a peat starter plug. I don’t like the paper towel method, because I feel once that tap root has popped out, it is very fragile. Moving the seeds around with the root hanging out seems like asking for trouble to me…but then again, I’m a clutz. Plus, in nature, they sprout were they fall without any help. Less is more, in my opinion.

Also, you may get more responses more quickly if you start your own thread, once allowed. I know you’re a little limited as a new member. Read time, comments, and other activity will grant you more abilities on the site.


Thanks for the response

I used the paper towel method

Temp 23 degrees Celsius

Wet but not dripping wet

Dark between 2 plates

Spray water on every day

I am only new to imported seeds


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Knock on wood. I am really new at this growing thing, but I have been very fortunate I guess. I ordered 10 sour diesel and 10 gold leaf seeds last December 2018 from ILGM. While waiting on my order to show up I read every forum subject that was on ILGM website. I put 3 seeds in water December 22, 2018, they all sank to bottom of cup in 24 hours. I then placed seeds in damp paper towels in saucers and set the saucers in laundry room on top of clothes dryer. 36 hours later had nice little roots pop out of shells/seed and put them in 4 inch pots with light warrior seed starter potting mix. All popped thru soil in 3 to 4 days, transplanted to 7 gallon pots after 2 weeks. 12 weeks later after lots of advise and help from ILGM forum and its members I harvested close to 3 lbs of finished, dried, cured product.
I just dropped 9 new seeds using the exact same method on September 22, 2019. So far they are right on same track as my first grow. I would highly recommend listening to these people here on this forum, they know what works and what doesn’t.