Seeds are coming and coming

I have outdoor grow going and most of them get seeds. I grow 3 batch, 1month between every batch. First batch have 2 plants with nanners. Ok. Then i wash my greenhouse and all equipment to provide further pollination. Now i look all my plants closely and no see nanners/bananas. But they produce seeds. I cant understand really WHY? We have here many big farmers who grows male plants for seeds and oil and stuff, CAN these shitplants pollinate mine??
I grow them all biobizz products.
We have big heatwave too… But i have so many different strains… And bugs, in that field we have many grasshoppers (any size and figure )

Chances are yes if your neighbors are grown males chances are that’s where your seeds are coming from pollen can travel a long distance

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The answer is Yes they can
Pollen can travel miles in the wind plus any bees that carry it off ect.
Your best bet my be moving indoors with good air filtration
How close are the big commercial grows from you ?
Sorry @beginner2d


Yes Im frustated. Mmm… 10 miles or so. Commercial grows indeed and so many fields everywhere. Aargh. So sick and tired of this bs. Then my option are next summer i get glass greenhouse and filter every hole then i must be ok hahaa. Yes when i get my azamax and start my spider mites fight after that i can move inside. Fkk. I think i have to get some tent and do some growing in sealed tent

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You can set your self fairly inexpensively
4x4x7 rents run around 100$ and you can do two or three comfortably ive done as many as 6 but it was full lol
Sorry buddy that does suck time and $ wasted
Bright side is you dont need beans fir a long while lol
I know that doesn’t help justvtry to make light of a bad situation brother @beginner2d


Is the beans not hermie trait?