Seeds any good?

My last grow was Northern Lights Autoflowers and Fast & Vast Autoflowers.

One of my F&V went hermie so I have a few seeds.
Would the NL seeds be a cross-breed auto that might work?

you can pollinate a single cola if you wish pick a limb use a q-tip bag off and mark the limb. Nothing ventured nothing gained may end up being an awesome strain?

hermie seeds from that auto’s will be of that plant grown

A hermie seed is all female genetics that is how seeds are feminized.

using the pollen on his non hermied plant of different seed will produce a cross hybrid and reg seed as far as I understand but to make fem seeds you intentionally herm a plant and let it self pollenate.

Since everything was autoflower, the resulting seeds most likely will be autos as well. There might be cross pollination, but often late hemi in regular feminized and autos will be an almost internal pollination, and most likely not a cross pollination, however, if you saw loose pollen at all, or external “male pouches”, then yes there certainly could have been cross pollination. And like @steve2 was kind of saying, seeds of the plant they came from is most likely what the seeds will be, or at least I think that is what he meant, lol. And like Jorge Cervantes also used to say, “Like begets like”.


The Fast & Vast was the guilty party. It grew sacs late.
The Northern Lights was affected and developed some seeds. These are the ones I’m interested in if they are worth growing.

I don’t see any reason not to grow them out, they might make a nice hybrid and should be autos as everything was auto.


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Oh! Part of the comment about like getting like, meaning keep in mind they came from a hermi and so you will likely have a higher chance of a hermi, but it still doesn’t mean it won’t be decent smoke and maybe not all will hermi, or if you keep an eye and pinch off any hermi sacks early, you should be able to keep it mostly seedless.


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I appreciate your knowledge MacG.