Seeds and US Customs


I’m legal too, which is why I’m just amused that Amazon knows what I’m doing. No great for stealth growers, though.


Fraud prevention at my bank did put a hold on my purchase until I called
and told them it was OK.
The Visa category was home furnishings. LOL


My seeds arrived today with no problem. No DEA agents with full tactical
gear anywhere around.
Planted in peat pods under my little mylar Chrismas tree.
Thanks again to all who commented.


I’ve been using ILGM for my seeds for several years… Kudos to Robert, Claire and the rest of the hard-working staff…
I have sent cash and I have used CC and I haven’t had any problems…


The US Government has hired Ninjas. You won’t see them until you are dead. lol
Glad to see you are not as paranoid as some of our members. Being legal helps


LOL Thanks mate.


I’ve sent cash 4 times with no problems…i sent cash 3 weeks ago on an order ,I hope it makes it to them…but never problems on their end with my experiences…


I’ve bought a couple of times with CC & no probls, comes in as something from China. Had a DNF with the first lot & the resent them, no questions asked. :+1:


I just ordered using my debit/credit card which was accepted for purchase, however, the next day I got a call from the fraud dept asking if I made the charges as soon as I said yes they were done with it. The worst they can do is refuse. :woman_farmer:t4:


All the good credit cards do that for overseas orders. You can call them in advance and tell them you are going to order, or if you have a smart phone they will text you. You can approve the charge and just try to make the charge again. It goes through right away. You might have to make the charge again but it will then go through.


My credit union also texted me about possible fraud. A quick phone call and
it was all straightened out.


Sadly, after a long wait of over 3 weeks for my order I received the package with this letter inside. Now you know.


sorry to hear this!


They act like it’s football or something lol, glad you didn’t get busted though but yeah that sucks man sorry to hear im waiting I’ll let you know lol


Based on what I see here I have zero worries. From looking at this there is absolutely no chance you will busted for seed orders.

What they are saying In short is.

“An item was sent without a form confirming it is pest free and as such will simply be destroyed.”

They might hide something in the notice that sounds scary but this gives me warm fuzzies whe I read the text of 7 cfr 319.37