Seeds and ilgm support

Is anyone else having a problem hearing back from ILGM support? I got 20 purple Kush seeds and they are unusually small, I tried germinating and it seems they turn to mush. I reached out and have not heard back.

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Could be many environmental factors. What methods are you using and do you have any pictures with it

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I was using the suggested method from the ilgm website, soaking then planting. It’s worked good in the past. I didn’t take pics just threw it out. Damn I should have. It was like a split/dissolved seed.

Never throw them away. Ilgm replaces bad seeds. Without the seed is no proof now so them r lost seeds probably. Keep the rest for evidence

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Well you are now into the weekend, 8 hour time difference between Amsterdam and here so there will be a delay. Posting it here does no good as we do not deal with the seed store. Also: sending multiple emails just slows things down FYI.

Be patient.

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Also, check your junk folder. I’ve found a few ilgm emails in there.


Yeah that’s cool I appreciate it! This was in the middle of the week and I only sent one LOL I was just wondering if anybody has reached out and not heard back

Ok cool I will do that!:+1:t3:

You know you’re right! I should’ve took a breath and calmed down before I made any decisions, LOL I just threw them away because I was pissed

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If u find ilgm stuff in spam folder or any other mark it as not spam when u open it there is a spot to make it as not spam.

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Ok cool!! I really appreciate it!