Seeds and germination

I am very new at this but have to say so far I am almost batting 100% on germinating seeds. The first three White Widows from ILGM I had in water for 3-4 days until I learned what a taproot was supposed to look like, lol. I then put them in wet paper towel sitting on a drawer in my study. Water was refreshed daily, but within 24 hours the roots went nuts, amazing. The second set of 4 were given to me, and have no idea what they are other than they are Photos. These I put in water until they sank and immediately moved to wet paper towel. I am posting a picture of those, so far 3 of 4. They are over two years old, and have been in the paper towel just over 24 hours. I have now planted two ILGM White Widows Autos, and just over 36 hours in water, and now in the paper towel this morning with itty bitty roots poking out.


And these seeds pictured here were kept in a typical plastic pill box you get with a pill prescription with the child resistant, “adult”, white twist cap. i was told they were never refrigerated or anything fancy.