Seeds after in water for 24hrs


ok a little update getting bushie now, can i change them to 12/12hrs to sex them…can i take clones as soon as i no if they boy or girl


Always a problem with a new grow, but you’re not alone! Good luck.:v:


Question… Do you get seeds in female . Pollinating females with male plants. When do you pollinate? In veg or flower. And for clones how many hours of light, heat,humidity, and water.and what does pollen seeds look like. And how far do you clip for clones nobes. Help would be great.


yes i get female seeds… i dont pollinat any but if you do it be in flower sage,clones are 18on 6 off…i dont cut clones on nobes i get 100% cutting them anywhere just cut them on a 45deg and give them alittle scape at bottom and i use jiffi pots and powered rooting and i put them in a plastic bottom and top i dont use no heat pad and spray them everly 2 days