Seeds after in water for 24hrs

hi just got my seed and read the glide they sent me…but one part missing… i have put them in water for 24 hour and put them into small pots with seed mix …do i put them under light now or leave them in dark till they come up then under lights ty


You can put a light over them. Although until they’ve broken ground they won’t be able to see it, it will still help keep them warm and the light will be available the second they pop.

What type of light? CFL’s can be withing a few inches. Higher intensity lights need to be further away.

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im useing a 36 watt led grow bulb made a quick seed cloning box has a small in tack fan with 2 hole 2 let air out about 100mm away from pots


You look all set :slight_smile: Nice rig :+1:


Just put your hand between the light and seeds/seedlings to make sure it doesn’t feel hot. I think you’ll be ok with that light not being too hot but better safe than sorry so I thought I’d mention it.

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cool ty i can pretty much hold my hand right under the light and just can feel a little warmth so i can pretty much leave my hand there for days and not get burnt,ty you very much just had to be safe than sorry


Looking good I also like your set up can’t wait to see how it turns out for you

o forgot to ask should i leave it on 24hrs till they pop or standed 18 on and 6 off

@kiwii On mine I do 18 on and 6 hours off you can do 24 hours is it an auto or a femme seed

i went with the Blueberry (fem)


If on a propagation Mat you don’t need light but if you don’t have a heating mat or heating surface to keep them warm the light won’t hurt, you want to shoot for around 80 degrees, if using your light for heat you want to keep it on 24/7

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if my seeds went in upside down (maybe flip when hit hole) will they sort them self out and grow to the light ,i posted this aday ago and feels like days now i need to stop watching them xd

Yes, roots will always grow down.

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Nice looking set up. Should take care of the problem well.

good news 3 seeds are now 3 seedlings so 100% from this site ty


Congratulations! Great news. Robert’s seeds are GOOD ! I usually put a clear plastic cup or cut off 2 liter soda bottle over them when they are young to keep the humidity high. Same thing with clones.

Are you going to start a grow journal? Beginners and experienced growers all benefit from the input. It also makes it easy for new growers to look at other growers experiences and learn from that. The support ticket is on the first page of the forum. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will paste it for you.

Is this you first grow? Even if it is not, I would highly recommend downloading Robert’s free Growing Guide. It has helped many of us get a good start. Hope to see your grow soon on the Beginners Grow Journal. Jerry

hi got two beautiful girls and one not so good…could itcome back or will it die…just started to give them alittle food still under 36 watt as above

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its ok found a forum which looks like what i have

Jan 2

Runt of the litter most likely, happens often. Now it looks like your over watering it also, all you need to do with that one is mist it with a spray bottle so the soil is just moist but not wet. Others are looking great.

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Great posts, I am engaging in starting some Durban Poison regular seeds I bought from here over a month ago, just put them in distilled water minutes ago,…but I have a fish tank bubbler oxygenating the water,…for all ten of those seeds. I figured I would do all ten I bought, since they are “regular”, cause I didn’t want to do just five for instance and find out all five were males,…though, I want some males, to make more seeds of course.
Ya know, I am so ignorant sometimes,…several years ago when I saw the “root” coming out, I thought that was the shoot, and I planted seeds upside down,…that created a problem, where I killed a couple seeds.

here a quick update…

clone room part two after 17 days from starting seeds …i just hope i dont have 3 boys