Seeds 10 strains in the ground already

I bought the hero mix and the super mix from I love growing marinuana com. I also have some golden pupil mr. E pupil, black d.o.g.s1, and some garlic gushy. This is my first grow i ha e 10 strains 60 mother plants and 60 clones. Does anyone on here trade feminized seed? Is that allowed… i dunno but if anyone is interested holla at me at

Hey man good luck on all of those, not 100% sure but u cant put your email up on the forum I don’t think. Will tag a moderator for assistance @PurpNGold74

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Welcome @Steviewonda i would recommend reading forum rules before posting, especially when posting personal information. That’s not acceptable here and not everyone is in a legal state.


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How can i delet this

Thank u how come my post was not removed? I did not understand the community standards and I cannot delete my own post. Please remove.