Seedlings wont grow

Seedlings arent growing

I use 1000w led grow light and 100w heat lamp,is this enough for the 2 autoflowering white widows?

How far away?
Tent? What kind of soil?
Dont use nutrients when starting. More like 4+ weeks into growing minimum.
Pictures are worth a thousand words.
How is the soil watering? Daily? Every other day? I ask because i did not have to water my beans in soil for 2 weeks. Soaj soil day before planting and that is enough for them to grow into.

O and hello. Good luck with ur future grows

Move the light to 30 in away from top it to much light intensity from led I would get a daylight 6500k cfl and put it 3-4in from top of plant for a few weeks then switch to the led when they are a bit older and again no closer then 24” from top of plant best at 30 in if you got the room height for it

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