Seedlings will not grow

A question from a fellow grower:

s I,am a beginner would a potting mix or coco best suit hydroponics.I have tried using ph coco & find my seedlings will just not grow after the 3 node and look a yellowish colour.As a outdoor grower I have never had this issue .I feed the seedlings 1 day a week at half the recommended strength as I thought nutrient deficiency but I find feeding at this stage is too much for them as they burn. After 3 attempts at this with coco and lowering the food dosage still no success .I think I will switch to a seedling potting mix as I have had no issue in the past growing outdoors.My grow cycle is 18hrs light 6hrs darkness air temp 27 degrees hot air pumped out fresh air placed in ph 6.0 watered 1 a day 80 ppm .I tell myself this is a learning process and will learn as I go but with so much information out there and so many different theories it can be very difficult to take this all in.I will use your growing bible as a guide when I start again as I have used all my remaining bush seeds and see how I go as iam keen too learn this growing style.Or my other thought was the strain of seed I was using out of 20 planted over 3 times only 6 would germinate so maybe just the strain was weak and placed under lights will not work.

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Please stop feeding your seeds!
-good luck!

What he means to say is that seeds already have all the nutrients they need for their initial growth. Strong light, a humid environment, ph balanced water should be all they need for their initial stage of growth and after that you want to start introducing nutrients slowly.

I would lean more toward your strain. Did u buy them or just bag seeds? It doesnt sound like your germ ratio is good at all. They may like the outdoors more then indoors. Try getting a few seess from here for beginners and indoor grows and give it a shot. And for the nutes my thoughts are that sincenur doing a soiless medium like coco u need those nutes and once a week isnt a lot. Yes seeds have enough to last a few days but not weeks i dont think. Im a nube also but iv done a good bit of reading. Make sure ur soil is staying moist as this will cause yellow leaves and slow growth. Happ growing

These are seeds I have collected from my previous grows maybe to much inbreeding not sure but have placed a order and hopefully this will get me going again.Cheers

Thanks I started too feed 2 weeks into growth I was growing under hps lights maybe start with cfl lights first then progress to hps lights.Cheers

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I hear guys using something called t5 Florence tube. For starting and veg. Halide for flower. I use all cfls…