Seedlings Too Small?


My feminized AK47 seedlings sprouted 1 week ago, today. They are approx 1.25" tall, with 2, almost 3, pairs of leaves each. Are they growing slowly? They are standing nicely, and have a beautiful dark green color. But judging from other photos Im seeing of 3 and 4 week old plants, Im worried mine are lacking size??


well this would be hard to say for sure without pictures but you shouldn’t assume a plant is growing to slow some seeds sprout and grow fast some don’t. As well some people tell fish stories about their plant’s age yet forget to mention that they only count the weeks after it’s second true nodes or third lol. Plant growth rates very and I would rather have a tite compact bushy plant than a stretched plant with nodes miles apart.
without pics details of your medium ph etc… I would just say it’s a seed and normal


I second that they generally turn out better tight an slow growing


Sweet deal! That makes alot of sense!


Do you use a root stimulator like great White, ect ? Mychrooiza is necessary for good root ball/plant development. do you use cal-mag ? Too early start cal-mag use in week 3 at reduced rates - all mentioned will promote growth along with your base nutrients