Seedlings to deep

I had to move seeds after planting to deep are they goners

No they will just take a little longer to pop out how deep are we talking

I moved the dirt off them will this hurt

I put new seedlings in the dirt until just the top of the head is showing.
Once they grow up, I use pipe cleaners loosely looped around the stem for support.

I just take a pencil and move a 1/4 in of dirt and just barley cover then and spray 2-3 times a day under led or cfl and they pop in a few days are you soaking them for 24 hrs or going Directly in the soil without germinating?

I soaked them root is showing

I used a fork and accidentally moved them will this hurt it is lowryder and Iā€™m growing outdoors but want to put under lights at night is this okay

Every body came up woo hooo

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