Seedlings.......these squirts are nuts!

Hey all, I’m off on another adventure. I planted 4 ILGM beans. Purple Haze, Blue Dream, Chocolope and California Dream. I’m using rapid rooter in a mild solution of CloneX, ph’d at 6.0. The Cali Dream shot out like a cannon and started stretching like mad. Chocolope was next. The other two did nothing. 6 days in I took a peek inside the peat. Both had the start of “something” going on lol. The Purp haze has its first 2 leave and tiny second set. At a closer look, theres no tap root! The BD has a tap root, but is detached from the seed/head. So I started a new BD seed. Otherwise, business as usual! I have a T5 florescent light right above the top of the dome. I put a desk lamp with a clear bulb next to the dome (i thought I needed to up the temp a bit) and the CD chases that light, laid over sideways and the head of the plant turned up and over. So I transplanted, rapid rooter and all, into a small pot in coco and buried as much of the stem as I could. First time germinating, so hopefully I can pull it off without killing them :thinking:


Looking great can’t wait to see end results!

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Lower your light a bit, it seems like they are stretching to much.