Seedlings Stalled

Hi first time growing, ran into a wall.

Growing 2 plants indoors, Jack Herers fem (not Auto) using seeds from this site.

They emerged within 3 days of planting, then shot up to about 70mm within the next 4 days.
Since then they have just stalled. Its now 2 weeks since they first emerged & they only added maybe 5mm more in height & a couple of new little leaves in the middle since the initial burst.
So most of the growth was in those first few days, then almost nothing. Comparing to other people’s journals by 2 weeks should have a few branches & maybe double my size.

Using organic potting mix with about 10% perlite. Not added anything else.

Grow tent 80x80x160cm.
Vipar Spectra 250W led light on ‘veg’ switch, about 60cm above plants. 20/4 Schedule.
Temp stable between 24-29 deg Cels.
Humidity between 50-70%.

Started both in little peat pots.
Plant 1 (see pics) I transplanted into 3Liter pot because roots began to emerge form bottom of peatpot.
Plant 2 is still in peat pot.
Plant 1 has leaves that curve down. One new little leaf in middle looks like claw. I havent added any nutes, so dont think its from soil.
Plant 2 has leaves that are angled up.
Leaf shape has pretty much been like that from the start for each of them.
Color is good green for fan leaves, only original round leaves gone light.

I have a ph meter - (soil pretty neutral) & a moisture meter (I use rainwater & only water when dried out ).

Why would they have stalled?

IMG_20190908_161245 IMG_20190908_161254 IMG_20190908_161328

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Your seedlings are going to be fine I like to use a dome over the seedlings to create higher humidity Mist the inside of the Dome a couple times a day. They are creating more of a root system right now after that happens you’ll see more foliage. Also add a little soil cover the stem up a little more. Good luck


Thanks for that.
I was initially thinking perhaps its too humid since its commonly written that Jack Herer’s like dry mediterranean climates. But I’ll give the dome a try & taper the soil up near the stem.

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Suggest pipe cleaners cut in half…looped around the stem for support. MOVE the light closer.
Further suggest avoid peat as a growing media. Holds too much moisture and ph will change.

favorite method: place in 9 oz clear plastic cup with drain holes(growing media for weed)
use another cup as a humidity dome. Mist the dome when it drys out. No need to water.


Too much water; just mist the inside of the dome when you install it and do that twice per day. Distilled water only and you don’t need to worry about PH. NOT spring water but R/O or distilled. The seedlings extract all of their moisture from the air and not the roots as they are not present yet. Over watering will prevent roots from forming properly.


Thanks for the replies.
I’ve put cups over them & stopped watering.
What is the recommended dome cup height relative to plant height? The cups I covered them with are only about 20% taller than the plant.
Also at what stage will it start to require watering? I imagine it would be when branches form?

Please Help! Disaster looming.
I have covered them with cups as recommended & stopped watering, only spraying.
Yesterday I discovered they were yellowing.
Today they have brown patches as well.
See pics. I’ve shown the worst one, but the other not far behind.
Is there any way to save them?
The seeds are expensive, spent more on setup/heating, really desperate to not have them wasted.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

They look like they are drowning to me.

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In addition to overwatering/humidity concern - have you fed them at all since you transplanted or did you preload the soil with any nutrients?

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I would think they would be far too young for anything yet. Maybe that’s the reason if that’s the case

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Thanks all for the replies.

Previously I have only watered when soil was really dry. I have a moisture meter to check at various depths.

The soil is a potting mix that is claimed to be especially suitable for tomatoes. (I read somewhere that makes it also suitable for this).
I have only added perlite, nothing else.

There were a couple of nights that were particularly dry (around 40% humidity). Perhaps thats too dry while heating to temperatures around 29-degC (84 degF)? I was thinking maybe I should keep lower temps when its that dry? I say this only because they took a turn for the worse after those couple of nights. The other one has burrito’ed up with brown patches.

@granulat… wrong soil.

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