Seedlings stage help

Hi there guys

Growing some ilgm Super Lemon haze.
Coco coir and perlite
Only spraying with 5.8ph
Spider farmer sf2000 running at 60% 18inc from top of cups
50s% humidity

Any idea if this could be ph problem, light or time to feed?


Super resilient strain, haven’t grown in coco personally but it looks a little dry. Cotyledons are green and healthy still. So just keep her moist and growing roots. Remember you won’t see a lot of growth above ground when she’s primarily growing beneath it. You can start light nutrients. Is the coco prebuffered or expanded with nutrients?
I’m also pretty sure it was my slh that hermied, so keep an eye out for that.

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Are you giving them 3-4 sprays twice a day

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Did you pre soak your soil in the cups till run off or did you just plant them in dry soil?

@Purosuco Hi there and welcome!

I’m on my first grow as well, and I wish you luck! You’ll find TONS of help here!

I’m unfamiliar with your medium as I’m growing in straight soil, but I know someone else can chime in.

I also have the SF2000 in my 4x2 tent over 3 pots. I can’t comment on light. I started with a KingLED 1200 watt blurple light, on 24 hours with no darkness and the instructions with the light had me keep it on Veg mode lighting, and started 30" from seedlings for first 7 days before lowering to 24. Currently my SF2000 is sitting around 20ish from the plants at 80%, but I’m on day 33? What light/time schedule are you running. I only recently switched within the past week to 18/6.

Have you considered “doming” them? I’ve read that as a suggestion from some people for very early seedlings. I can’t explain it properly, and I did not know about it early on in my process.

Cheers and welcome again to you!! :grin:

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Overall I think your seedlings are off to a good start.

When growing in coco (not Fox Farms Coco Loco) you need to feed daily. Everything you learned about growing in soil must be relearned because you do just the opposite when growing in coco. I highly recommend spending a few hours browsing to learn everything you could possibly want to know about growing in coco and more.


If you want the truth - Nothing !!! - in the seedling stage consider using just a good root stimulator for the 1st 2-3 weeks a of life

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As @CMichGrower said. You’ll find everything you need to know at cocoforcannabis. I just started a grow in coco myself


I didn’t pre soak, planted the seed and just sprayed 2x a day

I’ve been doing 2x day but will try to increase

I’ve been using peroxide and it has been working quite well. I know it’s not a stimulator but the plants seem to like it.

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Ya just future reference pre water your soil til run off before you plant your seeds.
If your using pure coco coir make sure to do a cal-mag soak of the coco coir

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many use peroxide, bottled water, de-natured water also some even soak in Superthrive and a rooting product call homex basicly you can soak a seed in any compsot tea (small ratio) also HB-101 work very well and have used it before now i just use bottle awter

great reference material !!!

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