Seedlings split

One of my seedling split into. How deal with it?

Can you post a picture? It sounds like your stem split? You can slather the wound in aloe or honey, and tape or tie it back together. Make sure to leave room for the plant to grow, and don’t ‘choke’ it off. How old is it? How thick is the stalk? If it’s too young, it might not survive, but these are very strong plants.

Looks like twins! They will compete with one another, so you’ll want to either cull the smaller one, just cut it right off; or IF you can gently pull it out without damaging the roots much, you may be able to get it into its own container and get 2 for 1. It’s hard to see how entangled they are, but going by the size of the larger one, you might have a difficult time separating them without root damage. You miiiiight be able to remove the entire thing, and sort of jiggle the medium away until you can separate them, then quickly get them into their own containers, maybe adding some mycorrhizae when you do to help the recovery and root growth. However, all that said, if they’re autos (if it was an auto seed, I mean), that kind of shock would probably stress them enough to really hurt your yield, and I’d just cut the small one in that case.

Also, if you have another container that’s opaque to cover that one with, it will help keep the roots from hitting light and hardening off…think exposed tree root.


Great advice. I would let them grow more and then try separating them. Jmo.