Seedlings snapping

Question from a fellow grower:

I don’t know how much
info you need… the containers were small square ones like the one in
nurseries you buy with tomatoe plants. They were filled with seedling
raising mix with some peat moss through it. They were going great as I
said, sprouted and had a tail. I then put them in this above stated mix
and gave it a couple of days ( more like 7 ) and they poped their head.
Then they were turning into a seedling and grew a couple of leaves. We
kept the soil moist - not wet nor dry… because we have time we kept
them in the greenhouse and didn’t put it out in the weather. Gave it
natural light so didn’t hurry the growth and gave it some sprays of
nutrients not too much so wouldn’t burn d plant.

After a couple of
days snap. It was still attached but like a broken straw. Tried saving
it but to no avail. Then I thought it was because I put the seed too
shallow until the next batch when I put it deeper but the same thing

Out of ten seeds -
I’ve got two plants (one got snapped by the dog loving it too much) and
six just snapped… two left and I’m now scared they might snap too…

I followed Robert’s instructions but hell if I know what I’m doing wrong!

Sounds like there not getting enough light they stretch to light then at a point fall over if you use a cfl about a foot above then it will keep this from happening get a cheap shop light clip on type works great for seedlings and a 24 true watt cfl which is i think 150 watt equivalent sorry to hear about losses but youll do better

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It was still attached but like a broken straw

I’m not sure what that means, possibly damping off but a picture would help