Seedlings seedlings grow

Should I put light on seeds or leave in dark for like 3 days

Are the seeds germinated? What are they in?

Papier fowl and glass full of water germanating

I always soak in water until it sinks. Once it does I go into soil and do dark 24/7 and about 75 degrees. I don’t do heating pads or anything like that I just put it in a cupboard that stays that warm. Then I put them under the 18/6 when they sprout. Run that till veg.

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@irma1010…I think you were saying, “Paper towel and glass full of water germinating” ?

If so, then the seeds have NOT hatched and do not need light.

Be sure to keep the paper towel moist and check the seeds twice a day. Once the first root is 1/4" long, it’s time to move it to soil or whatever your grow medium is.

Once the little seedling head is above ground, opened and healthy…it’s time to start exposing to light.

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I have a seedling that formed its first root and i moved it into soil. should i not give it any light?


It honestly doesn’t matter in my opinion. I have put it under a smaller 18/6 light and in dark and I haven’t seen a deference. I wouldn’t put it under your big light if you don’t have to at least to save some money on power. As soon as it pushes through the soil it goes under light no matter what. I usually just toss them under the 18/6 as soon as I put em in soil so it is one less thing to remember :+1:

i only have a 600W LED light (about 265 actual wattage) and power isnt an issue since they dont charge where i am growing it. would it be bad to have it under that strong of a light? not sure what distance to have it at either. was thinking like 24"


No just keep it far enough away. Look at what the manufacturer suggests and start there. You could start around 26” and watch your plants if they start to stretch lower it a touch. If they start looking heat stressed then raise it up. No matter how far away keep an eye on them at first. A good rule is if u hold ur hand under the light and it feels too warm for you…it’s too much for your plant but if you are using LED it’s much more deceiving how far away you neee it.

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awesome. thank you! just wanted to make sure that they were safe to have 24/0 before they raised from the top of the soil. ill make sure to keep them a good distance away and look up online to make sure. i know manufacturer said to keep it around 24-32"

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%Andrewsantos97 Now seed is hatched and has at least 1/4" of tap root–the first root, move to growing media.
Plant with root pointed down, and the head just barely below the level of the ground.
Yes, it’s time for light. It might be a good idea to avoid full direct light for a few days. Once the head has opened up and the first little leaves are showing…it’s time for full light.
Now you are off to the races. The seeds internal clocks are ticking. Make the most of it.
Give her love, light and care …she will reward you.


how big should the seedlings be before entering them into the big LED lights…