Seedlings outside and vacation

My seedlings just started their 2nd week and I am growing outside.

I will be gone for 4-days and there is a chance of rain/thunderstorms.

I’m concerned about leaving them out in the open. I have a couple of options, what would you do?

  1. Leave them out in the open with the original dome cover suspended over but open, in the tray they came in, maximum opportunity for sun, (I’m concerned it will stay covered) or

  2. In a 2-sided glass (old shower doors) wood box, propped open for air, getting several hours direct sun, (I’m concerned it will get too hot inside, temps ave been mid-80’s) or

  3. Under a pergola with a smoked colored roof, getting a few hours direct sun in the morning, (I’m concerned they won’t be getting enough sun)


  4. Insert suggestion here…

Well, since I haven’t received any input and I’m running out of time, I’m leaning towards option #3, any thoughts?


I think your intuition is correct, although the situation is less than ideal. Option 3 will probably keep them alive until you return.

If you had more time to plan, you could use a watering system with a timer, as well as planning germination around your availability (assuming this was a planned trip, which it might not have been).

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