Seedlings/opening up

hello everybody how’s it going ok so I have 2 seedling that just germinated but one of them is been taking 2 days to open up, is this do to the seed maybe being to deep? My light too low or it’s just taking its time? I only put it in the soil (fox farm ocean floor) about a 1/2 inch. 600w led light about 15inches from the top of the second seedling which is seemingly doing great. I’m new obviously and this is my first grow. GG#4

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They are both probably fine. Plants don’t always grow at the same pace. I have 4 going right now and each goes at its own pace.

Monitor for additional growth, form, and color, as those will be a good gauge of health, but be aware that seedlings often stall for days at a time while the root system is being established.


Seeds have a mind of their own. You can’t rush genetics. I had a GSC that took 3 months to finally flower and the sad part is she was a feminized seed.

So don’t worry…otherwise you will get a ride in the paddy wagon. :joy::joy::joy:


As I’ve heard on here several times, think of them as kids. One will be 5’5 and the 6’1 its just genetics.


Welcome to the community @Marked1 Your 600w LED maybe a little close at 15 in. I would think more like 25 in. If not already good idea to use a dome over the seedlings which makes your humidity higher mist the inside of the Dome a couple times a day you should be good. Hope that helps your seedlings look good.


I thought maybe the light was a little close but I only have the veg light on not both veg and flower/bloom. I don’t have any domes but I’ll get some if I can soon I kinda live in the middle of nowhere and if it’s not at the local hardware store which it’s not I’m not getting it in time so maybe next time. But thanks everyone for all your help I truly appreciate it.

Just cut a clear soda/water bottle in half and use it as a dome.
Just want to keep it humid for a week or so.


Welcome to the forum @Marked1 :wave:t2::v::bear:

Plastic bottles- water, soda, whatever why buy when you can upcycle:kissing_heart:


I used clear solo like 16oz cups sprayed the inside and put them on. Should I leave just the veg light on by itself or use both veg/bloom? I’ve heard both wouldn’t really matter because it’s an auto so the more light the better as long as it’s at the right distance

I found my seedlings didn’t like my led. I switched to 6500k fluorescent t5 (or even a daylight spiral bulb)and I get much better growth.

Roger that I’ll try that next time. And what about a fan for air movement should that done outta the box or wait til the little seedlings start getting taller by which I mean a few inches? I don’t want to hurt them but I also read it’ll help them strengthen their main stem?

I usually wait a week or so before I put a fan on them. Unless they have skinny stems. I drop my t5’s right down on top of them so I usually get pretty thick stems. @Marked1

This 1st one

seems to be doing good but the tiny tiny one idk lol

I’ll take or try to take better ones and post them

I wouldn’t be surprised if the tiny one ends up being a beast lol you can never tell with these plants . Looking good :+1::seedling: @Marked1

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I’m gonna leave it planted til its do or dead and on the ground lol. I was thinking the same thing afterwards cause ya hear stories about that, how a plant looking sickly or small ends up producing more than the rest. So I’m hopeful til than

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My GSC after a month was only a couple inches tall. She ended up a freaking beast. Best advice…don’t give up as these plants can surprise the hell out of you.


Your runt is looking better than mine lol but she’s slowly but surely making it through . Yesterday she pushed herself out of the rooter and I had to pry the shell off. It was all pale and sick looking

Yeah I still think yours looks better lol it’s the two round leafs, I think one is missing or broken off or it’s under developed, maybe the seed was actually to close to the surface somehow. Idk I’m gonna let Screenshot_20191121-161723_Video%20Player her rip speaking of ripping its game time :fire::dash: