Seedlings not growing

I have a couple white widow female autos that are 8 days old now and they haven’t grown for the last couple days. I’m thinking I may have overwatered them as the soil below an inch or so is damp. I’m going to switch to just listing the soil for awhile. Any suggestions? This is my first grow. 3x3 Tent, 1000w LED light 18/6 hours @ 16" away.

Raise your light to 36" or higher and let them dry out.

Best I can do for you with no pics


Good advice @TDubWilly also remeber @pollymex5000 at that age if they aren’t growing up they could be growing down establishing roots

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In the seedlings stage they do not require any light I have 1000 watt grow Light as well I have it about 3 1/2 feet above the plants make sure your ventilation fan is turned off because right now it’s all about heat and humidity May I ask did you use seed starter or did you go straight to soil

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If I were you I would definitely raise the light up and Use your fans to blow directly on the seedlings not your ventilation fan but the others that you should have That will increase humidity what does your displeasure about relative humidity

The one in the big pot is white widow I also have golden leaf and baba skunk and the ones that haven’t wrote ground yet on the gorilla glue auto

Marijuana grows best at 78° but ceilings start better in lo humidity I want to turn my ventilation fan of my humidity would rise to 70 to 80% which is best for ceilings especially when you’re trying to get them to break ground

Move light up even if it’s LED? They aren’t as hot as other lights. What is rational for moving light up?

It’s called the light footprint. Like a flash light beam it goes out from the source in a conical shape. You have to find your sweet spot where they are close but not so close that your outer area isn’t getting sufficient light. You want to make sure that beam is at the outer edges of your canopy. Also at younger stage your light can be to intense for a smaller plant. You get closer to the plant as you get older and into flowering stage.

I have my plants while seedlings and all the way through veg on less than 200 watts.

I have friends that have gigantic plants still in veg only running 100 watts.

Small plants and plants in veg don’t need as much light as what people think. It might grow a little faster but you can also create problems by growing a plant to fast

Save all those high watts for flower

Raise your light and let your plants dry out and they will thank you for it


This is my buddies plant still in veg. it takes up his entire 4x4

And this is his digital watt meter that is measuring the watts being used for the entire tent

He’s only at 90 watts, that’s lights and all.

He’s got :v: 35 watt lights in there keeping the plant in veg, that’s it

Your plants don’t need that light bearing down on them regardless of the heat @pollymex5000


When you get to flower, you might find that your 1000watt LED probably won’t be enough light @pollymex5000


That’s all I’m using is 90w


Also takes a long time for roots to establish in large pots.

I do first week 24-0 then,
weeks 2-3 18-6 then,
12/12 till done… they do most of there growing in the dark!
Do the 12/12 till she eats herself up when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks
before chop so she’ll be a smooth smoke.

Mine are in red party cups, with seed starter “soil”. Gave 1st nutrients today (Rasta Luckity Split).

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Its off to the races from here! :face_with_monocle:

@pollymex5000 be very careful giving new seedlings nutrients, as you can burn the roots.


Thanks. I’m going off instructions on Fox Farms lickety split nutrient schedule.

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It says to start after 1st week of seedling.

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I waited until i was a couple of weeks into flower, the Soil is hot enough to get you threw Veg i felt