Seedlings not dying but not growing either

I’ve two seedlings, an Auto Skunk#1 and Purple Afghan Kush (auto) - they are both 10 days old. They popped after 4 days in Rapid Rooter and grew quickly for two days with the tap root showing. I then planted them into large containers (without disburbing the tap root & still in the rapid rooter) of canna coco professional with 30% perlite.

They’ve been under a 450W LED light 18/6 with a fan (not directly on the seedlings), passive air intake and an inline extractor fan producing a liitle negative pressure inside the grow tent.

Temp is a little lower than I’d like at 18C -22C (64F-71F) with humidity around 70RH. Watering one daily with bottled water c.200 TDS and PH’ing down to 5.8-6.0.

The seedlings are only about 1" tall, with 4 / 5 small leaves, and they dont appear to have grown for 4-5 days, although they do look extremely healthy - just miniture!

The LED light is on Veg (only) and 28" from the top of the plants. For the first 3 days it was much lower as I thought it needed to be until I read otherwise.

No nutrients as the seedlings aren’t even two weeks old.

Can anyone suggest why they plants aren’t growing and what remedial action I could take to stimulate growth?

It’s my very first grow with a very steep learning curve, but I’m willing to put the effort in.

Many thanks indeed in advance.

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They should start to grow real soon as they was Probably just grown roots not much upward growth early on and if your in soil your ph is a little low u should be around 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 as the sweet spot try getting your ph in that range and see if it helps

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Thank you. I’m using coco as I know I have a tendency to over-water plants and this way I can’t!

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Coco’s pH is more 5.8-6.3. But just putting down roots. Did u remove the net around the pods?

I do apologise, I meant I used Root Riot plugs which I believe don’t have netting around them or at least I didn’t see any.


Ahh. No need to apologize my friend. I was off tract. As long as she is green n not wiltd ill let them run. If only in a window sil. Sorry its a slow start tho

Your pH is correct for Coco. It would help if you posted a pic.

This WW auto is about 10 days old

I’m embarrassed to show you my plants after seeing yours as mine are also about 10 days old ! Both of them are about 1 1/4" tall (one and a quarter inches). This is the best shot I could take. Lovely colour green with no yellowing or obvious issues, just absolutely tiny and not growing.

Temperature was a bit chilly (based in the UK and Autumn) but I’ve got it up to 21C (70F) using a oil rad, in a box outside the tent, with the hot air being drawn in. It’s on 24/7. RH consistent at around 50-52. PH water around 6.0, TDS around 200. No nuts have been administered yet, just water every day. Coco moist, never been completely dry.

Something clearly isn’t right, but I don’t have the experience to work out why such stunted growth.

Thanks for your help.

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I’ve just purchased a 500W convector heater with a stat which I collect tomorrow to try and raise the temp in the grow room.

I had a White Widow Auto that runtd out on me.
20 days
Less then 2 inches. Eventually she culld herself. Just happens sometimes

@PurpNGold74 Doesn’t look good for my two right now but different strains, same germination time, same environment, same issues & same inexperienced grower! I’ve done something wrong, just wish I knew what it was so I don’t repeat the mistake.

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Sometimes they ‘just arent ready’

Could have been close light

Or overwet medium stunting roots

Or the cold spell

Or the way the stars alignd.

Best recommendation? Possibly drop another. If they are autos they are ticking time bombs n yields may already be effectd

@PurpNGold74 Great advice, many thanks. I’ll let them run and love them until the very end…but Chapter Two has already started! Yes, they are both Autos. You live and learn…

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Your plant looks fine to me @chocman. I learned a few tricks to get rapid growth in the first couple of weeks. I use rapid start rooting solution along with rapid rooter pods from Amazon to get the seedlings going good along with nice bright light.

Rapid Rooter pods