Seedlings no popping thru soil

I have 7 seedlings that I germinated in a paper towel, they germinated great all had little tails. I put them into potting mix on Monday and as of today they still have not made an appearance. Should I be worried and how much longer should I wate

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Two things how deep did you pot them and did you pot them tap root down ?
Also just keep soil damp to slightly moist until they pop too wet will rott the tap root
Could take up to a week depending

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Patience! I have 3 seeds I put straight in soil and they all sprouted at different times the last one just today which is about a week after the others. It varies from seed to seed. I understand yours were germinated and sprouted in a paper towel but its same some will pop out soil quicker then others. And as @Countryboyjvd1971 mentioned, depth is going to be a factor in time it takes to magically appear out the dirt. I usually put a bag over my pot when I plant a seed so it works like a small green house.

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Ok they were placed tap rood down and only about 3/4 in deep I have kept them moist not saturated didn’t even get runoff and dome has maintained droplet’s so I know they still have moisture I’ve only watered 2x and the 2nd I only wet the top with a lightly sprayed spray bottle

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on new sprouts I only use a spray bottle. Learned the hard way its easy to water a seed or sprout right out of there hole. And 3/4 seems a bit of overkill. I only put my seeds in maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch down. I guess that also is based on preference, you will see everybody has their own way of doing things. Happy Growing.


Tap root down, yes. I killed one that way. I thought it was in correctly, only to have the tap root grow straight up. I turned it around and buried it, but it didn’t make it.

So the tap root needs to be up for future reference or down not to clear on what you mean by your post

Nevermind I just had to read it a couple times already took my meds lol

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Also, they have no roots yet. Deep water does nothing. I think watering by spray - more often - is better


Small green house; I like that idea. I will try that with my next seedling. Thanks!

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I get one of those cheap plastic “jiffy” starters with the black bottom section and the vented clear lid. I use my soil rather than their “pre-made” ones, but they work well.

There is enough room in each section that you can just remove the lid and keep them in it until they are ready to transplant.

I would to except I start my seeds in their permanent home.

Ok 3/4 is a little deep but not bad at all
I usually go about 1/2 inch my self and I see them in two theee days but I think you’ll see them soon if soil is wet under dome and droplets are forming you probably don’t need to water them either imo @Sirsmokes
Keep me posted bro

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You shouldn’t be watering at all. Just misting with a spray bottle.

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Outside of the first time to make them wet misting is all I have done and only once

Will do brother thanks!!

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@Rugar89 has a good point actually @Sirsmokes
I missed the fact you where watering not misting thanks @Rugar89

I just got my second plant sprouted, so I am young at this too, but I have put my light source only an inch or two from the soil until it pops out, then slowly move it back. For this I just use a white led light in a bendy desk lamp.

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I use my full spectrum light but your light source should be in the 5700k range listed on box
For veg
A lot of grower here use t5 fixtures for germination and veg @Tr33

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For sprouting I uses a single cfl, and I cover then with a small upside down tupperware pot, to shield it from direct light and it acts as a getto dome to increase humidity.

When I plant I have the bottom half of the soil damp, the top half dry, plant the seed 1/3 inch down, just so the top is lightly covered, and for the first week or so just spray with a bottle about 3x a day.

After a week I will water, but not on the seed, I water around the perimeter of the 5" pot, I’m my mind it makes the roots stretch out and look for the water . And I still spray the sprout. Untill it’s big enough to go into a 7" pot, I just lightly watwr the parimiter, by holding the pot at an angle and poring the rater in gradually, rotating the pot, untill it just drips out the bottom.

Once in the 7" pot, I drown the little shit, then let it dry out completely, usually takes 3 days, the drown again.

I Take the tupperware box off to after a week.

There is literally a millions ways to skin this cat.