Seedlings look off

This is my first grow and I think something isn’t quite right. The stem is really long and looks like there is white fuzz on the stem, maybe mold of some kind? And the tips of the little leaves that popped out are curling and brown. Anyone know what may have caused this?Attaching pictures. Thank you!!! PXL_20210422_110712270|375x500

Need to get the shell off of it spray it with water let it soften and use toothpicks to pull the shell off. Might just want to start over as that looks like str8 up mold growing on the stalk. Id pitch the whole pot dirt and all and start over so as to not have mold issyes down the road. Its still early and it sux to lose a seed but better than carrying the mold to tge finish line. Either that or some kind of mold prevention stuff. @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @spyonyou @CMichGrower pretty smart fellas maybe can point u in a direction other than mine


Those look like roots.

@KalleAnka I hope you haven’t thrown away this seedling. It’s fine.

Please don’t pick at the shell or change anything you’re currently doing.


I agree with @KeystoneCops
Those are roots and it pushed itself out of the rooter.
Re tuck it back in gently and carry on.
Do Not throw out.


I imagine bringing the soil up a little would help if you can’t tuck her down without injuring.


Just sprouted and pushed out too high. Its a great looking seedling and can be easily saved if you will plant it now in soil before the baby root dies from exposure to light and air.
Plant it in soil up to the arrow line.


Man good thing u guys came in. If mine i would have thrown away. I thought mold lol. Ive never seen this before tho either kinda weird cool


Don’t look healthy for my on top that dark color is unusual

The dark color is a healthy sign. I love seeing that on sprouts.


@Spiney_norman I’m not a professional grown but my first two autos I see they color on the root was light green and skinny in 4 week they get hard and big but mother of nature re different cuz I grown 2 autos and one have variagate genetic mutation so I can said to much lol

Lack of good light makes them skinny and green.
If you have them under good light the stem darkens and the plant does not stretch out.
This is a bad thing to see …
This is good


Thank you so much! So, the fuzzy stuff on the exposed root is normal?

Yes. Leave the seedling as it is. Don’t poke it down into the rooter. As was already mentioned, when you do your first transplant you can bury it a bit deeper than normal; I always bury them as deep as possible anyway.

This just popped today pure soil germinated planted on 4/20 for good luck. Those serated leaveaves came in quick only been 3 days

Yes, all those white fuzzies want to be roots. Get them underground asap.