Seedlings lime green and curling

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These 2 girls will be 3 weeks tomorrow. They are in stepwell living soil. I was spray watering till a week ago and now giving a bit more water every 3 to 4 days being careful not to over water. Temp is between 22 -25 Celcius. Humidity runs between 48 and 55%. I am running a new light which is a spider farmer sf4000. I had it at 32 inches and at min power which was pulling 60 watts from the wall. As they grew, the distance went down to 29" and I turned the wattage up to 120 watts from the wall. Since about 3 days from then I now see some curling and lime green settling in. I’m figuring too much light? I’m now at min power again and 32 " from the tops. I’m wondering if this is light burn or could it possibly be ready for transplant? I also moved my fan away from blowing directly onto them. Any constructive input is appreciated. Cheers

Lime green growth is usually a sign of rapid growth.

Plant should shimmy around a bit from fan. Oscilating fan is best so it moves past and isn’t a constant air flow on them.
When leaves are wider than cup transplant.

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They need to be transplanted!


I transplanted last night and they seem happier. Appreciate the feedback! Thanks.

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