Seedlings leaves rolling (not taco leaves)

These are my 12 day old seedlings. I had them in the rapid rooter plugs and today I put them in the rockwool. Soaked the blocks 30 min in 5.5. Drained. Then flushed with the clean 5.5 with the 1/4 tsp to a gallon each of the 3 GH nutes. I was feeding wit 1/8 tsp prior to putting in the rockwool today. I Shook a lot of water out then put the plugs in. Put them back under my 6700 florescent about 1-2 " away where they were.
RH is all over in the 60s but right now is 71% im sure due to the big ol wet blocks.
Temp 74 - 80

The rolled leaves on that one seedling just happen between the transfer and tonight. I can see it curving more by the hour.

Funny thing is the one that looks good is a bit retarded half the root was above ground so I had to fix that and it had a weak stem. And the other was my strong one. It’s like they switched rolls.

I garden all year. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve only started smoking recently for medicinal reasons. These are the only 2 seeds I have since I am too petrified to order any online that I’ll get arrested, lol. But I can’t be driving 2 hours to the dispensary and paying those prices forever. So I need to grow my own. I figured if 1 of these were female I could do clones & go from there.

Any help you guys can give me would be sooo appreciated.


You can really see it almost wrapping around the false leaves in the 2nd pic.

Im by no means of an expert but it is way to soon to br giving any nutes,flush with phd water,i think

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Hi. Thank you.
I figured since it was only in the plug and the GH had amounts specifically stated for seedlings and seeds it would be ok. Sigh

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Take a deep breath,dont hurry her to much,patients

So you think she’s ok? :frowning:
I’m all bummed out now.

She should be,just flush her with phd water,no nutes

Read Roberts grow bible,everything you ever wanted to know about growing
mj, and then some

I’ve been reading for a year now. Lol. Before I even started. I like to know everything I can first before making a big jump. The leaves look less yellow today and maybe half droopy. I didn’t flush yet.
Thank you for your help!

They’ll be good, just give them plain pH water and in a few weeks when she’s ready you can hit her with some nutes. I just started using GH nutrients and I think you can feed the seedlings soon, but not just yet. They have enough stored nutrients to grow for now, they just need water and light.

You’ll do great then, keep reading and keep trying :v:

Hi, you doing right not to overreact, but I don’t think it would hurt to flush it with pH water ?

I don’t use Rockwell but I know a lot of people have to pre-soak it to adjust the pH

I’m not sure off the top of my head what to adjust it to so I don’t want to guess… @garrigan62 may know ?
-good luck

Any time,so many people havr helped me out also,im returning the favor

You want your P H flushing watert 6.5 6.8
Here re some very helpful inks

I hope this help you out my friend


Thank you. I didn’t make it back in time to flush right away. She looked great the next day tho. I may have just stressed her out or water logged. Idk. Because I didn’t get to change anything. And this is the change in her. Biggg difference. Phew!!!
My goodness thank you all so much for the quick replies!

Hell ya looking good there my friend


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