Seedlings leaves are turning dark and turning up in grow tent

my seedlings in my grow tent leaves are turning color and turning up. I currently leave light on for 18 hours.

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Hi there. We need pic porn.


Strain is amnesia haze autoflower bought from Ilovegrowingmarijuana.
Method is soil. I used happy frog soil.
Vessels is plastic buckets.
PH taken in soil is 6.4.
Nutrient is 6-6-4 foxfarm browbig liquid plant food. I used 1/4 teaspoon in 2 gallons of water and only have used once when I transplanted the seedlings. I screwed up and transplanted in a 3 gallon bucket so I know I’ll have to transplant again.
They are indoors in a tent 2x4x4 and using one visparspectra 450 led light.
High/low temps per digital thermometer is 66 to 67 F
Humidity high/low per digital thermometer is 39 to 67%
I have no special ve

ntilation but the lights have 2 fans and I open vents sides and top on the tent.
I do not us AC, humid or de-humit or Co2.
I’ll try to upload pictures now.

Mistake on average temps it is 66 to 77F

Hi there. Leaf Seporia. Overwatering. Take pics in white light or with flash. You do not need nutes for at least 5 weeks. Get temp and rh up. Do you have several holes in sides and bottom of pots? Fabric pots are much easier to work with, they don’t get overwatered. Ventilation is a must. Exhaust and fans to circulate.