Seedlings just sprouting

When’s a good time to put them in a bigger pot. I have one that’s about 3 inches and ones about 5. Just wondering when they go into a bigger pot

They will stay in the cups for a few weeks depending. General rule of thumb. Once leaves reach outside of container time to pot up.


Thank you so much!


Welcome to the forum, plenty of help here. Stay lit :hotsprings:

might move to final home. replanting stresses plants…slower growth.

Not necessarily I’ve had all of mine that I’ve repotted explode with growth after repotting

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LOL, quite the opposite actually, unless you horribly mess up the transplant. My plants always take off after a transplant.

plants won’t take off…until they recover from transplant shock. done well, it’s only a few days.

If u dont disturb the roots then it won’t skip a beat. I got where i can transplant without any shock. Superthrive helps with that too

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This is the exact method I use.

Good vibes and good luck :v: