Seedlings is humitity to low, might have been burned by fertilizer

My seedlings were started by a freind and they used florescent lights in a open room and started adding fertilizer to them. I think they ar burned.
Also my tent temp is avg. 76-83. And humidity running in high 40s low to mid 50s. I have 400w mh light about 24in above and at 75%. I think my gage off cause of how old it is and my new one will be here in a few days. Ive added bottled water with ph of 6.8 to slightly flush the soil. Im in process of my virgin grow, and i need help.

Raise your light… that’s pretty close for a 400 watt mh light… I would be at least 3 feet above… hold the back of your hand over the tops of the plants for a minute and see how it feels… probably pretty hot… :wink:
Also … no more nutrients for at least 2 to 4 weeks … :wink:


Second opinion :+1:
I would find out specifically what they added if you can, just to know, but they don’t look too bad - they are vertical and have leaves pointing in a good direction :slight_smile:

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If the medium they are growing in hasn’t killed them, you should be good (a few weeks) to get everything ready for their next pot with the right stuff in it.

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