Seedlings in trouble? nurtient burn?

soil mix for new plants

is this nutrient burn on the tips and edges? haven’t fed them yet so I can only think the roots have met with the ocean forest fish stuff.

should I be worried? can’t change the soil mix, anything to do? Give them a good water? help would be great!!

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misunderstood, I thought you said a new thread was fine… sorry - like I said, totally new.

@gollybillager my apologies
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Do you have a PH pen and a tds pen?
To test your water? If not you’ll need them.
And ph up/down

Adjusting your water to 6.5 ph after tap water sits out to allow chlorine to evaporate for 24hr


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Welcome to the community ! seedling looks good When watering good practice to water around it 6-inch pattern.


Thanks Yes I have a pH pen no I do not have a tds monitor (yet) my water was set out for a couple days and the pH was 6.7. Plus I only added a cup to the base of the plant so if it was anything at all water related it’s going to be temporary, no?

thanks again

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@dbrn32 I replied to an active thread above just because I wanted to get some eyes on the pictures and said I didn’t know what to do. he said another thread was fine so I started this one.

If you look the very tips are yellow and the one leaf is darker at the ends. I’m just worry warting I guess?

thanks again

Nothing wrong with those seedlings.


They look good to me.


Your plants are fine. It would be a good idea to get in the habit of watering around your plant stem instead of right next to it.