Seedlings in solo cups

I have 2 seedlings in solo cup seedling soil. I didn’t fill the cups with to the top. The seedling are 2/3 down in the cups and doing fine (4 days) I’m worried they’re too low for the next sets of leaves Should I add more seddlimg soil or leave them? Thanks

You could add more soil up to their first set of leaves, but it isn’t going to do anything to prevent them from becoming root-bound. You can transplant them at any time. I would wait a couple more days if it were me. I wouldn’t let them go on for more than a few days.

It looks like they are doing really well.

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Welcome to the forum…they look good, not stretching at all usually means good light placement and not burnt so that equals good stuff. I’ll poke my head in and watch… good luck


They will be fine up to the 3rd set of true leaves. Some root crowding is not bad because it holds the rootball together for transplant. You will know its time to transplant when you need to water every day. That rule holds true in any sized container.


They look ok to me. Typically I fill almost to the top with soil. It gives them a chance to establish a bigger root mass before transplanting.
I wouldn’t transplant until you have a few more nodes. They’ll be stronger by then.

I like to use two cups. The inner cup has holes on the bottom to let excess water out if I get carried away. The outer cup keeps the excess water from dripping on things.
I fill the cup full, water it down a bit and fluff up with a toothpick. Then plant my seed.
Often a root will come out of the bottom hole in the inner cup when it is time to replant. Regardless, if I see a root or not, I transplant no later then when the leaves reach the inner rim of the cup.
Transplanting too early is not a big deal. It makes the plant appear to stop growing while it sends out roots. Not an issue.
I only transplant once to a five gallon smart cloth pot.
I use the outer cup to form a cup shape in the medium of the smart pot. (I use Pro-Mix). I sometimes put in a cup with holes in the bottom and pour in about 4 ounces of water. Then remove this cup.
Put the seedling between your middle and ring finger and turn the cup upside down and gently remove keep the shape of the cup. Carefully drop into the cup shaped hole you made.
There you have it! :wink:

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Good evening I would appreciate any advice on this topic. My seedlings are on day number nine. Currently I just mist them (2-3 squirts) in the morning and in the evening. At this point should I be giving them a full watering every 2 to 3 days or continue giving them the mist treatments? I saw YouTube video where a guy filled the cup with water till it ran out and planned on doing that every 2 to 3 days. should this be my new watering schedule? My seedlings seem To be growing slower. Thanks to all