Seedlings in coco, help

First time growing in coco. I think I nutrient burnt my seedlings by giving them too much. Am I suppose to wait to give nutrients or just start real light? Do I feed every watering? Do I water everyday? Any tips would be appreciated

You shouldn’t have to feed them nutes until those first 2 round leaves start to yellow and fall off, those 2 leaves have everything your sprout needs for the first week or two, just add properly ph’d water. I personally do not feed with nutes for 3 weeks, then I start with a weak dose and build up to full dose after a couple waterings. Whatever Nutrients you use should have some kind of guidelines as when to feed. I do every other water, feed, repeat. Some do water, water, feed, repeat.

I have never grown in coco, so unsure of if it has a nutes in it…


you dont really need to feed seedlings. some people precharge their coco with 1/4 strength nutes or so

coco is inert and should be fed to 10-30% runoff every single time you feed once past seedling stage

I have heard some feed seedlings in coco from the bottom and not from the top at all to encourage roots, but i have never tried this

i would also only use half strength nutes and move up to avoid burning quickly


@Frenchy And as to how often, only your plants can tell you that. When they are small, I check the soil, if dry, I water, if still any kind of moist, I wait. Do not over water, I would rather under water them and do it more often, than have to deal with an over watered noodle. You could also put some type of dome over them the first week or so, to keep the moisture in with the plant (a clear cup or cut a clear 2liter in half to make a dome).

When they get bigger, I water by the weight of the pot, doesn’t take long to “feel” the difference of a dry vs wet pots weight…


Thanks guys appreciate the tips

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There are all kinds of guides here to help. Robert even has a indoor and outdoor grow schedule that really helped me a lot. Bottom line is we all live in different climates, deal with different issues and tweak what works best for our grow room.

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Shouldn’t feed seedlings until the round leaves fall off theyvhave enough nutrients in them to carry the plant until they do
Also ph of your water is important
Looks like you got some good help tho
If need I’ll be around just tag me
Happy growing also a few pic help us help you FYI


What about cal-mag? Should that be added through seedling stage?