Seedlings have popped, but are not growing!



i have a few autoflowers indoors-first leaves have popped up but no stem growth for 4 days now and no increase in size either. it is as if they are in suspended animation, This is the first time i Am using peat pellets- should I gently cut them open to allow better soil to get to the root/ I start these under flourescent grow lights (cooler) but can move to my grow tent with better lcd light. Please advise and thanks! I have not had this happen before so dont know what is wrong.


major part of first growth will be roots I would bear with it a few more days what we see up top is usually half what is actually going on below


@livingpuppet The problem with those peat pellets is they hold water, a lot of it. Could it be that they are wet? If so let them dry out and only use foliar spray.

A picture would help!


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And i agree with you that mostvif the action the first week or two will all be below the soil and upward growth will bw slow @livingpuppet


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