Seedlings grow differently

A question from a fellow grower:

I ordered several different varieties from you a while back, and I have some questions. These two seedlings were both started October 15th in a peat-based seed starting medium. All conditions have been closely monitored and both have been given the exact same treatment, so I’m wondering why one plant (Amnesia Haze) is withering away while the Strawberry Kush is absolutely thriving. Is it possibly a bad seed, or does the AH need a different environment?

Both are kept in a greenhouse, I got the temp/humidity monitor in the picture for reference.

What soil medium are you using ? The staff will have you fill out a support ticket . The medium can be a lil hot for some strains depending on what brand of soil used .

Plus your temp gage shows that the high temp was 88 that’s a little high I think for seedlings some seeds grow funny just water it plain ph water an see what happens I’ve had them start like that an once it comes out of that stage u can trim off the bad spots an role on

humidity is also little low for a seedling, Kush strains are usually a little hardier and anytime you start from seeds there is a difference between each simple genetics. Give it some more time may bounce right back.

Yes, what type of soil are they in?

Actually they both look like they are suffering from being in a soil that is too “hot”, or to strong in NPK nutrients.

The strawberry might have just got lucky and its it of soil maybe got washed out and isn’t as strong? Or the bit in its cup for some reason isn’t quite as strong as the rest of that soil, this can happen, especially with natural compost soils.

You can tell the strawberry is not doing the best by the way it has a really red stem, this is not normal in seedlings and is a sign of a nutrient or pH problem.

Try a nearly nutrient free seedling starter soil and I’m sure you’ll do much better. You can even try transplanting the seedling to a better starter soil and even the Amnesia might pull through. Seedlings normally shouldn’t get any nutrients the first week or two, not until they have 3-6 sets of true leaves.

Hope this helps,