Seedlings germination issues

Hello all. New to ilgm. From crop kings. Bought 10 white widow autos recieved aug 9 and placed in glass in the cupboard two days later some white on all but one. Next day they seemed to close up i know they have enough sugar to last 7 days but i got paranoid when the seeds closed up. So i placed them in peat pots with coco about one knuckle deep placed in grow room with heat on at 80f 1000w @30% 24/7(until leaves show). Mixed up gro big i use fox farms nutes. Yesterday i broke my cardinal rule. I went looking in pot for plant. Nothing showing at top of pots. Found 4. Couldnt locate one. They look just like they did when i put them in soil argh. I put four seeds back in water and started four more. Hopefully i mucked up as i am only human but man these seeds are slow lol. I live in upstate new york and am an experienced grower. I thought temp mayb but never had issues b4. Any advice greatly appreciated tyvm

As soon as I see a tap root, I plant it. I don’t leave seeds to soak in a glass more than a day. I move them to a wet paper towel in a plastic bag. As soon as I see a tap root, they go in the ground.


Yeah I totally agree that was the issue 3 or 4 days no Taproot never had a problem with the water germination this is my first issue ever of course we have to have issues to get better thank you for your reply

The seed split so I could see the white of the Taproot starting to come out but the next day the third day it’s like a seed closed up weirdest thing ever seen

If seeds are in water for to long, they become extremely soft and squishy. They are garbage if this happens.

I soak seeds for 18 to 24 hours. I then use damp toilet paper in a ziplock bag for 48 hours. Then I plant them.

Now if the tap root is aggressive aka grow big before the 48 hour mark, I will plant them immediately.


Agreed yeah after day 3 I had to get them out of the water but like I said I broke my cardinal rule as this was the ninth I put them in the water and they still don’t have a quarter-inch tap root so I put them back in the water and planted for new ones maybe I messed up on the old one I don’t know

I gave them a week solution of grow big just so that they have a little nutrients are sugars in the water I know the seat supposed to have enough sugars for 7 days but I don’t like the water longer 3 days

Yes I agree I even tried to help the seed by pulling the shuck off and it was really hard so I stopped cuz I didn’t want to break the seed

All you need is water for germinating seeds. Some use a water and hydrogen peroxide soak for 18 to 24 hours. I tried this method on a seed that refused to pop open and grow a tap root. Sadly it didn’t work and I only had 1 seed of that strain. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I literally chunked 2 seeds this morning from this supplier. Followed instructions per distributor. Planted a week ago. 2 weeks of germ, nothing. Dug up 2 rotten empty shells. Given their “80%” germ guarantee, and that I only purchased 5 beans, those 2 flops have put my case at a maximum 60% success. Emailing them as soon as I hit reply on this post.

Just plant them directly in moist soil in a solo cup with a baggie over the top like a little greenhouse. Works pretty much 100% of the time.


Don’t even bother trying to get replacements. I’m not using these guys anymore. Guarantees IMO should never be less then 100%. And given your topic was made literally as I pulled my rotten seeds from this distributor, I can only imagine how many other people are having the same issue.

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@MrPeat hy my friend and all of you guys all is about where you get you seed and how you want to germinate them, cuz my seed is from ilgm and I read how they recommended to germinate they seed and explain that soak for 72 hours in darkness is mean 3 days all is until you see 1/2 or 1/4 of the tail and about soak with H2O2 is work just to make the shield of the seed open easy if the seed are old, sorry I’m new to but I germinate a least 4 seed from ilgm and all sprouts just in water and move to soil 2 die cuz outdoor weather

@Mefis From ILGM is great! But the other mentioned in the beginning of the topic. They only guarantee 80%, whereas ILGM is 100%.

Still waiting for leaves to pop out of soil of the original seeds I planted August 9th I planted four more and I’m still waiting for those to pop up I don’t think I’m purchasing from ilgm again I’m going back to crop kings

Here are my results. Sad that i wasted over a hundred dollars

cannot locate the others in coco. They seem to have disolved.

I bought 20 White Widow Auto-flower from ILGM and germinated 10. 100% that I put in water popped.

Well I’m happy for you yours germinated I however haven’t had the same results. I’m trying to get my money back as we speak. I have germinated with water for years so it’s not like I’m new to it I think I just got some dud seeds it happens.

Ilgm G13
18 Aug. soak 12 hours. Then straight into dirt


That helps me out a lot great looking plants dude good luck