Seedlings for dwc. are these healthy?

Hey guys, these seedlings are about 8 days old, the big leaves are drooping a bit just want to know if they are healthy. They are under a 400w led light, temps are average 23°c, humidity average 80%. They are in root root cubes in a seedling tray with water that just touches the bottom of the cubes that has been PH’d to 5.8 and a tiny amount of nutes 130ppm my tap water is 30ppm.

Looks great time for a transplant.

Thanks man, they are still in there and new growth is still coming strong I have been having some trouble with my setup as I modified a 4 pot reservoir system to be two pots (super illegal to grow here so keeping it small) but the hose for the water pump is now too short I will be getting a reel delivered tomorrow. Do I want to have roughly the same ppm when I transplant them?

Depends on the medium you put them in, but 200 ppm is relatively safe across the board.

Just make sure when adding nutrients you count 30 as “0”. Your end result should be 230, but you’re not counting it. Hope that makes sense.

Yeh I understand, I’ve finally got the system set for running over night without the ladies to see what temps, humidity, pH and ppm settle at and checks after two hours seemed good. Thank you for your help. If they survive the first week I’ll get a diary going on here.

Excellent. I’ll follow along.

Actually another question regarding calmag. I see it come up constantly. I am using the pH perfect sensi grow nutrients and I have a calmag suppliment designed for hydro. Is there a routine for adding it or is it more of an as needed suppliment?

Calmag is a supplement that is typically added when growing cannabis. It needs more than most plants do, so it’s always supplemented. Powerful LED lighting really makes it need more. So if you have a lot of light, most people are using it.
A lot of growers add it on just a water day. I feed every time, so I just add it in. Some nutrient lines have it in their formula, especially ones designed and marketed for cannabis.