Seedlings Flowering

Advice please.
I’m fairly new to growing only start last year.
I started cannabis and Industrial Hemp seeds at same time, same conditions. Germination was great for both. Potting was the same for both.
As I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have to keep them inside until it warms up. I have them under lights for now. Lights are on for about 14 hrs. The Industrial Hemp growing about 3 times the height on cannabis. I will post some pictures at the end. The hemp started showing sexs very early, the cannabis is like normal. I composed the male Hemp plants. But I’m not sure what to do with the female Hemp plants. I had posted earlier and one suggested increase the light time. But I’m not sure what to do with the hemp plants.
Can they be salvaged? Can they be pruned to bush out? If I remove flowers will they return to Veg mode? I’m starting more seeds with out lights just to see what happens with the second batch. Thanks for your time and suggestions.
Here’s the pictures.

It looks good, those could be preflowers, cannabis needs about 12 hours of dark to flower.

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I was wondering, seeing that the plants are so young . Can I top and or prune these plants?

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Welcome ! I would let them grow right now hold off on the topping and pruning. Photo plants I’ll get about 7 nodes then top. Autos I fim at 4 or 5 nodes .
Good luck