Seedlings falling over

So my seedling has some red stems and is falling over. It was droopy so I haven’t watered in two days but now it looks like it’s growing more leaves but it can’t support it self. I’m going to add some sticks and a gently hold it up but can you experts tell me what’s going on? This plant also snapped its stem early on but the stem looks healed up.

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Seedlings get leggy sometimes. Yours doesn’t look too bad so I’m not sure why it’s falling over. You can prop it up or add more dirt up around the stem to straighten it up. When you transplant it you can technically add dirt up to the first leaves, but you should leave some stem showing. Every hybrid strain I’ve grown so far has had red stems at first. I chalk that up to genetics.

Over watering is the most common cause of what you are seeing. Plants that size only need maybe 5 ml of water per day.


Agree with @MidwestGuy looks over watered by the yellow droopy leaves :love_you_gesture:

Damn and she’s getting worse :frowning:

I’ve given her a very tiny amount of water lately but I guess I’ll cut it all out until she looks better. Im so sad cause she was my favorite :frowning:

I’ve been giving her the same amount of water as my other plants but this is the only one yellowing. Do they usually need more/ less water depending? Same strain. I’m new so just asking.

If her feet have been overly wet it’s going to take a few days to dry. I would let her go 3 days then give about a shot glass of water. Are there holes in the bottom of that cup :love_you_gesture:. When you do water her again add it to the very outside of the cup and away from the base

Okay got it. I’ll wait then. There are holes I made sure the water could for sure drain off. I’ll be careful where I’m putting the water. Thank you for your good words of advice!

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Anytime Growmie, definitely can be the most difficult part of the grow :love_you_gesture:

Need a fan making that stem dance a little.

I have a fan but just cause of this comment I’m getting another Monday. Always want the best for my plants

Just wanted to show progression. Currently she’s looking like this. Looks bad but at least the leaves are turning up :laughing: