Seedlings dying

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my seedlings lately.I germinate the seeds in a damp paper towel but after I put them in soil they barely poke through the soil surface and then after a week they’re all dead.At first I thought it was bad seeds but I’ve bought from two different seed banks and they all end up dying.I’m growing in soil which is a mixture of peat moss,soil and perlite but it can’t be the soil’s fault because when I plant my Northern Lights seeds from Crop King Seeds they grow fine.

Last weekend I germinated 2 White Widow and two Blueberry and so far only one has broke the surface of the soil and I’m afraid that they’ll all end up dying again.I can’t check the Ph levels because I don’t have a meter but everything I’ve done is the same as what I’ve done with the NL’s.If these seeds die off the only thing I could do is buy a different brand of potting soil.Here’s a link to the brand of potting soil

The only thing I can think of to try differently would be to cover the pots with a plastic soda bottle to keep the moisture in.

Yes, try a soil mix for seedlings.

Just because one strain like NL might seem to be able to grow in this, doesn’t mean it is good for seeds. As much as people don’t want to hear it and say over and over “but I grew other marijuana seeds in this stuff just fine”, it is a well known fact that most plant seeds, not just marijuana, does a lot better in a nearly nutrient free seedling starter mix. It is why they make a seedling starter mix. Then they should be transplanted into a stronger nutrient soil or start getting nutrients mixed in with water after they have 3-6 sets of true leaves.

Also, there are numerous ways to test the pH in the soil, there are pH drops and strips as well, easily obtained, even at local hardware and gardening supply stores. There is absolutely no reason to not get the tools to be able to know what is going on.

And another thing, you could be keeping the soil too wet and drowning your seedlings.

These all are the number one ways most new growers kill their seedlings. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but answering and helping people for over 2 years here, and 99% of the time this is what the reason is behind low seed germination success. I’ve even had a ton of people scream and berate me because it doesn’t happen with other seeds and it must be our seeds, but then, like you said, they get seeds from other places and they have the same problems.

Try a seedling starter soil mix.

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This is why I start my expensive genetics in rockwool cubes. Very high success rate.

Here is a really affordable pH meter with a lot of high ratings by customers.

Here are the drops:

And strips:

You can try e-bay as well. But simple paper test strips like these can often be found many places easily like at drug stores or hardware stores. Also many swimming pool pH test kits can be used.

Hope these help.


MacG I got a pair of pH and PPM from Muddler on Amazon for $30 shipping included and they have made a real difference in my grows. Keep my water 6.5 - 6.2 all the time and it sure seems to have positive effects on my ladies.

BTW, I checked the run-off on my ladies and it was 6.6 so I started to flush a little with each watering. Thanks for the help. Knew I was supposed to have some run off, but with all my health problems coming to the front, I kind of spaced it out. Stopped more of my meds and am getting clearer in my thinking now.