Seedlings drooping

Just started 4 seedlings last Saturday. All 4 broke ground after 4 days. 1 is in good condition. 2 are leaning heavily. The last one hasn’t opened to show the first two leaves. Any suggestions? Oh I started seedlings in a mix of perlite, regular top soil from the ground and some compost made from pine needles and leaves. Pics included

Dome them, and water them. Little dry looking.

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Looks like it is stretching to get proper light.


@Covertgrower @MrPeat
I’m doing an outdoor grow and the weather here is unexpectedly cloudy and rainy. So they’re not getting the sunlight they need. I try to keep them watered as soon as the top layer gets dry, one thing is I don’t notice any drainage even though I poked holes in the cups…do you think that has any thing to do with the drooping? And is it too early for superthrive?

I’m a indoor grower only. @repins12 probably can help you out.

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@repins12 if you don’t mind could you please help with my issue

They’re a little young for drainage, but you do want a little bit of water to come out of the bottom in that size container.
Cloudy days are okay, that just nature. Even though it’s cloudy, they’re still getting the sunlight through the clouds. I would take a cloudy day outside over a poorly lit tent any day. :wink:

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I’ll have to get back to you shortly. In the process of axing a tranny planny right now :v:

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