Seedlings discoloration


I’m day 7 of my grow. I’ve noticed a slight discoloration in my seedlings leaves. They have some yellow/green in them. Did some googling and decided all was OK when comparing them to others. However today I feel like the discoloration has gotten worse and they seem droopy. I’m thinking that they’ve maybe had too much humidity? I’ve had baggies on since birth. Yesterday they looked glorious around this time. Thinking it’s time to move to my humidifier and remove the baggies possibly?

Am I being a cliche paranoid noobie grower lol? I drowned my last/first attempt so I want to be cautious. I’ve only watered once 2 days ago. About a shot glass each of water… maybe less.

  • Plant: ILGM Zkittlez Fem Photo x 4
  • Soil: FFHF + 20%ish perlite
  • Containers: Solo cup with holes/slits at bottom with nursery bag inside.
  • Tent: 4x4
  • Light: Vivosun VS4000, 400w, set to 25%, 18/6, 24 inches above plants
  • Water: tap water left out for 1+ days, PHed to 6.2.

Here are comparisons of my largest girl. First photo is yesterday and second is today. Taken around the same time of day.

Thanks as always!! :v:t2:

Here is also a side pic of it yesterday so you can see the lift in the leaves she had. Taken same time as the above shot.

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They always start a little rough , you don’t have anything weird going on so that’s good.
Happy growing
Slow down on the watering… your pot looks to wet for a seedling


You should keep 1 post going versus multiple post. Agree with @BigItch

Stop misting the leaves. No more dome/baggies.

I only place a dome over them until the 3-4th day after they break soil.

Keeping ambient humidity high is fine, just not to the point where you get condensation on the leaves.

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Thanks! I want to make sure I’m using proper forum etiquette here so do you mean I should only have one post in the grow support? Or just ask question in my grow journal? Thanks again!

Also I have only watered once and it was days ago. Pots were dry and 100% needed it. So I am thinking the baggies humidity is too much maybe?

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She is definitely big enough to lose the baggie

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That’s just water falling off the bags when I remove them. Looks like I’m removing the baggies lol. Thanks!

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Yes just keep your journal going, makes it easier for everyone following and the mods appreciate it :love_you_gesture:. You can always tag someone if needed

Ok thanks! I know there aren’t a lot of eyes on my grow journal so that’s why I posted here, but I do get it. Noted. :grin:

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There’s always great cultivators lurking in the background :grin::grin: not counting myself in the statement :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


And I’m glad you don’t lurk lol. You’ve been so helpful.

Thanks again everyone! Baggies removed and humidifier on!


Appreciate that and anytime :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: Thank you for filling out support ticket. It helps so much. You’re going to love your new hobby

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My vote, also.

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