Seedlings died or wouldn’t open

Hi everyone, 13 out of 14 seeds either died or wouldn’t open. 1 survived but won’t grow. Been 2 months and still only 4 cm high but dying. What is wrong? In coco mix and used Charlie Carp as fertiliser. Only a weak solution

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Can you give me more information about your germination and planting process? Maybe walk me through what you’re doing. Pictures help too.


Hello dbrn32. I am having the same problem as Kerry above. Started (5) Pineapple Feminised seeds in water for 48 hours. Tails just starting. Planted them in light organic composted soil in a plastic 6 pack container that you buy for starter plants. Kept moist for about a week now. Nothing happening. Not sprouting. Any suggestions?

@NickM personally I put the seeds in a wet paper towel in a ziplock after the shell cracks open and the taproot is present. Place seeds in a dark warm place, usually only takes 24 hrs to get a nice 1/2 inch or longer taproot to grow.
Transfer seed to soil about 1/4 deep root down. I dont water, the soul should be moist enough. Get a clear plastic dome mist the inside and cover. I leave the dome on until she grows out of it. And place under your seedling grow light.

Thanks Psu8286. I’ll have to try that next. They are outside now getting some sun, maybe dry them out a bit. I’ll give them a few more days. I got a nice hidden spot in my garden.

Over watering is a common mistake made by new growers. I killed my 1st 5 seedlings from over watering. After a couple successful grows you be able to look at the plant and tell if she needs water or nutes. I’ve got my 1st outdoor grow going now in a nice little spot. GG4

I use paper towel method to get small tail too. Then plant shell down, just deep enough to cover with some soil.

Most problems with germination are from planting too deep or too cold. Once they sprout too much water is usually a problem. Last time I knew there were some pretty good videos on YouTube that help give you some visual references.

Tried the paper towels and then outside. Nothing. Started 4 more in water. Small tails and now outside in new organic soil mix. We’ll see…

Good morning. Just an FYI, I tried the paper towel method. Nothing. I tried another 4 new seeds in water…5-6 days then in an organic light soil, 1/2 deep. watering lightly with a spray bottle. Nothing yet. Been almost 10 days. Put outside for some warmth/sun on the soil. Nothing. Planted the last 4 seeds yesterday, Sun 6/21. 1-2 were starting to grow their tails in water after 5-6 days and then in new small pots. We’ll see what happens. I 've done everything you have said to do, read the Guide, the forum…nothing doing/happening. You might need to replace the last 5 of my initial order if nothing happens this week. I have a huge garden with 75 % of all veggies growing from seeds. Not happy with results here!

Something was lost somewhere in transition here. I don’t do this, never have. You would need to contact customer service through the seed shop. In the meantime save any seeds that fail to germinate, just in case they are looking for evidence.

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  1. Finally got my last 2 seeds to sprout. IN SOIL. Now they are about 1 and 1 1/2" tall, couple leaves on both, in a small 4 pack plastic container. When should I plant in the ground? (Good black organic soil), in their permanent spot? When I see the roots coming out the bottom?
    2)Since it takes a good 10-12 weeks till harvesting, (mid October) is it too late to start a few more seeds?